Carleton College

QuestBridge Scholars Network at Carleton

Carleton's QuestBridge Scholars chapter aspires to provide a safe and home-like environment of friends. We hold many social events for Scholars and friends to get to know one another outside of the classroom and take a break from class. In turn, we also help each other with adapting to college life and engaging in other campus activities. We have developed a rather large and cohesive chapter with roots expanding throughout parts of campus to further establish the presence of QuestBridge Scholars at Carleton and in southern Minnesota.

Our chapter has a strong relationship with the Carleton admissions faculty as well as our Dean of Students. We rely on these relationships to better reach potential Scholars and ensure we have a voice in the overall campus community. Besides, it never hurts to have pizza dinners with faculty every now and then! Our chapter also has a relationship with other organizations on campus to further aid us with the financial aspect of college, such as the TRiO office and Financial Aid office. Through our chapter we allow QuestBridge Scholars the opportunity of being involved in a close-knit and family-like community where they can seek out advice or guidance in any sphere of their life at Carleton, opportunities to grow with the chapter and become more involved, and opportunities to help high school students gain access to higher education.

Some of our past events have included pizza dinners with the Dean of Students, Mentor Family picnics in town, ice cream socials, game nights, National Quest Day, and QuestGiving.

We are a young but growing chapter and look forward to one day welcoming you to our family!