College of the Holy Cross


Founded in 1843, the College of the Holy Cross is a private Jesuit, Catholic liberal arts college in Worcester, Massachusetts. In a diverse community connected by hope, Holy Cross students live, learn, and serve with their peers, faculty, and alumni who support and empower one another. Students solve complex problems, explore their passions, and find every opportunity to get involved.

Holy Cross champions diversity, equity and inclusion in every aspect of their community. As a Jesuit, Catholic liberal arts college, Holy Cross knows that the best way to understand the world is to embrace the full spectrum of perspectives and life experiences. Students are challenged to not only experience more during their college years, but also start their journey to self-discovery. Through volunteer work, lively academic discourse, and an active social scene, students make and are supported by lifelong friends, growing side by side.

The academic programs at Holy Cross are rigorous, and students have every opportunity to explore their interests and dive deep into their chosen academic path. Each Holy Cross student’s curriculum consists of common requirements (which can be fulfilled by selecting from a wide range of courses), a major, and freely elected courses. Some of the country’s most dedicated professors find a home at Holy Cross — an institution where they can explore new intellectual terrain and bring their students along for the journey. Professors serve as inspiring mentors transforming lives in and out of the classroom through their expertise, wisdom, and humanity.

When Holy Cross students graduate, they are prepared to think critically, synthesize knowledge across disciplines, communicate effectively, and act with respect to cultural and global contexts. Across nearly every industry, Holy Cross alumni tackle complex challenges and serve as leaders of their field.

Fun Fact: As each semester draws to a close, students have a chance to take a break from late-night study sessions and refuel at Midnight Breakfast. Faculty and administrators at the College volunteer to serve students scrambled eggs, bacon, and Belgian waffles late into the night during each finals week.

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