College of the Holy Cross

Academic Highlights

  • Each first-year student enters Holy Cross undeclared and chooses a major, with the help of their faculty adviser, by the end of the sophomore year.

  • Holy Cross also provides students the chance to design their own major or minor in a field of study that lies outside the current discipline-based majors or interdisciplinary concentrations.

  • With 51 study abroad programs in 30 host countries, Holy Cross proudly boasts the #1 ranked long term study abroad program.

  • For those looking to dive deeper into a work environment or a specialized field of study, the semester away program in Washington D.C. provides students with dynamic experiences for intellectual, personal, and professional growth.

  • The J.D. Power Center is the central hub for experiential learning at Holy Cross, offering opportunities for internships, community-based learning courses and research projects.

  • Montserrat is an innovative first-year program that links a first-year seminar to an interdisciplinary cluster and residence hall and invites students into a lively intellectual and social community.