Johns Hopkins University


Students at Johns Hopkins University explore the ideas that interest them, connect with people who inspire them, and make discoveries that can change their life—and the world. Since its founding, the Hopkins community has made extraordinary discoveries, advanced innovative solutions, and created a space where all students can see their ideas come to fruition. Supported by peers and faculty who are leaders in their fields, students are motivated by a culture of fearless curiosity and a pursuit of knowledge.

With their flexible curriculum and the ability to double-major/minor, students at Hopkins build their own interdisciplinary academic paths. They are encouraged to think about how they learn and make connections between subjects when exploring their interests. The Center for Student Success helps first-generation and limited-income students thrive through coaching, mentoring, collaborations with campus partners, and community-building programs. And a network of advisors, faculty mentors, and peer groups help cultivate a supportive community so students can design the college experience that’s right for them.

As leaders, creators, innovators, Hopkins students are engaged members of the community. Students are a vital part of enduring university traditions like Blue Jay Opening Day, Lighting of the Quads, and Spring Fair that bring the entire Hopkins campus together to celebrate the community. With over 400 student-run organizations, Hopkins creates abundant opportunities for students to network with peers, faculty and staff, while connecting students to resources to help them navigate and take advantage of experiential learning opportunities. Hopkins becomes more than a university for its students; it’s a place they call home for four years.

Fun Fact: Why the “s” in Johns? Yes, the “s” in the school name belongs there! The University's founder, Johns Hopkins was named for his great-grandmother, Margaret Johns, the daughter of Richard Johns, who owned a 4,000-acre estate in Calvert County, Maryland.

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