Johns Hopkins University

Baltimore, MD

National College Match Scholarship Package

These numbers are based on estimated costs for the 2023-2024 school year. Amounts will change slightly from year to year, but as the cost of college increases, the scholarship packages will correspondingly increase.

Annual Cost



Matriculation Fee


Living Expenses, Housing (On-Campus)


Living Expenses, Food (21 Meal Plan)


Books, Course Materials, Supplies, and Equipment


Travel (Average)




Health Insurance




Hopkins QuestBridge Scholarship


Federal Work-Study


Student Summer Work Contribution


Student Savings


Parent Contribution


Student Loan




Policy on Outside Funding

Outside funding will reduce or replace a student's Federal Work-Study of $2,700. Outside funding in excess of $2,700 will reduce the amount of the Hopkins QuestBridge Scholarship on a dollar-for-dollar basis.

Policy on Health Insurance

Hopkins requires all students to have personal health insurance. Students not covered by a family insurance plan will receive additional Hopkins QuestBridge Scholarship funds to cover their enrollment in the Johns Hopkins University Student Insurance plan.

Policy on Travel Allowance

Transportation costs reflect two round trips to Baltimore and are set each year based on the student’s state of residence.

Policy on Student Contribution

All QuestBridge Scholars will have a $0 student contribution.

Policy on Direct Matriculation Programs

Students’ cost of attendance will be fully covered for their first four years of undergraduate study. Any subsequent years of study are considered graduate-level work and are not eligible to be covered by the Hopkins QuestBridge Scholarship.

Hopkins' Financial Aid Overview

For the National College Match, Hopkins will most strongly consider students with total family incomes of $80,000 or less, and family assets typical for that income level. Students who do not fit this financial profile can still be considered for regular decision at Hopkins, and if admitted, can expect to receive a competitive financial aid offer that meets 100% of demonstrated need through need-based scholarships and work-study opportunities.

100% Need Met
Hopkins is making a world-class education financially possible for students from all backgrounds. If your family demonstrates you can only pay part of college costs, or none at all, Hopkins covers the rest.

No Loan
Hopkins covers your costs through need-based scholarships that don’t need to be paid back, and work-study opportunities—making it possible to take full advantage of all their community has to offer.

Your financial circumstances won’t factor into your admissions decision if you’re applying as a domestic applicant (U.S. citizen, permanent resident, eligible non-citizen, or have DACA or undocumented status). For international applicants, Hopkins is need-aware.