Johns Hopkins University

Academic Highlights

  • Learn by Doing: 98% of Hopkins students put their learning into practice through hands-on experiences, like research and internships.

  • Explore New Interests: The flexible curriculum at Hopkins gives students time to explore before choosing a major and allows them to take courses across departments, so they can find topics that capture their curiosity with classmates who are excited to learn together.

  • Develop a Liberal Arts Foundation: Hopkins students benefit from learning foundational abilities like expository writing, scientific reasoning, and quantitative analysis. They build a curriculum that’s uniquely theirs from courses across five academic areas: the humanities, natural sciences, social and behavioral sciences, and quantitative and mathematical sciences.

  • Make Connections Across Disciplines: The intersection of disciplines leads to new ideas because it allows students to see things in a multidimensional way. Whether it’s enrolling in a double major or collaborating with classmates from different areas of study, students ask deeper questions for more effective answers.

  • Build Relationships with Top Faculty: Hopkins' faculty have written groundbreaking books, invented life-saving devices, explored the reaches of the solar system, and received the Nobel Prize. They’re drawn to Hopkins for the opportunity to work with top undergraduate students in and out of the classroom. Through First-Year Seminars and one-on-one mentorship, our students develop meaningful connections and refine their intellectual passions.