Smith College

Academic Highlights

  • Students can explore 50 areas of study in social sciences and history, the arts, languages, literature, mathematics and the natural sciences. Academic concentrations give students a way to delve further into an area of interest by combining academic and practical experiences, such as internships and service learning. As the first women’s college to offer an ABET accredited engineering program, Smith boasts innovative, unparalleled academic opportunities.

  • Smith’s reputation as a top-ranked liberal arts college is a key draw for students, as is the college’s open curriculum. Within the open curriculum, the only requirement for students outside of their major is a first-year writing course, so they get to choose their own courses and pursue what excites them. With over 1,000 courses to choose from, the academic opportunities are endless.

  • Smith’s Praxis program offers each student a one-time stipend to fund an unpaid summer internship globally in such fields as health care, government, education, communications, research, social welfare, technology, law, science and the arts.

  • The Five College Consortium is one of the oldest and most highly regarded consortiums in American higher education. Its members are four private colleges (Amherst, Hampshire, Mount Holyoke and Smith) and the University of Massachusetts Amherst (UMass). Cooperative arrangements give faculty and students access to resources, facilities and courses for credit on all five campuses. Fare-free buses provide transportation day and night.