Williams College

Academic Highlights

  • The student-to-faculty ratio is 7:1.

  • Tutorials: Two students. One professor. An in-depth conversation, fueled by intellectual curiosity and the spirit of debate, that takes place over the course of an entire semester.

  • Over 40% of Williams students conduct research with their professors and the college provides substantial research funding for students historically underrepresented in higher education.

  • Williams offers pre-professional advising for students interested in pursuing the health professions, law, and business.

  • Students interested in engineering are eligible to participate in a 3-2 program with Columbia University or Dartmouth College, which results in a bachelor's of arts (BA) from Williams and a bachelor of science (BS) in engineering from Columbia University or Dartmouth College after five years of study.

  • The Williams Office of Fellowships advises and prepares students to compete for national fellowships and awards like Fulbright, Rhodes, and Watson fellowships.

  • Employers in finance, consulting, the arts, technology, and others value the critical thinking and problem solving abilities cultivated in the Williams academic environment. The '68 Center for Career Exploration regularly places students in internships and full-time jobs via on-campus recruiting, Williams-specific job listings and networking events.