Opportunities through the College Match

What can you get from applying through the National College Match?

Applying to college through QuestBridge offers you many opportunities and benefits. Take a look at what you can get from ranking colleges for early admission, followed by QuestBridge Regular Decision (in case you aren't matched.)

The National College Match flowchart may also help you understand how it works.

  Early Admission:
Ranking Colleges through the National College Match
Starting in December:
Apply through Regular Decision (if not matched)

Full four-year scholarship


Rank up to 12 colleges for early admission


Free online application

College partner application fees waived

Early admission to an outstanding college


Join the QuestBridge Scholars Network

Outstanding financial aid packages for admitted students

Can apply Early Decision or Early Action


How many students get admitted through the National College Match?

We are looking for academically outstanding students who also fulfill our financial qualifications. In 2016, out of 14,491 applications, QuestBridge selected 5,338 Finalists to continue in the College Match. 

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Of the Finalists, 767 students matched to a QuestBridge college partner and received a full four-year College Match Scholarship, while approximately 1,750 were admitted through QuestBridge Regular Decision.