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QuestBridge Alumni are uniquely qualified to gain admission and excel at our business school partners. The Graduate School Match: MBA application is specifically designed to highlight your unique background and help you stand out in the MBA admissions process. 

We look for:

  • Evidence of strong academic achievement
  • Leadership experience and potential
  • A vision for your professional goals
  • Initiative and problem-solving skills
  • Diverse perspectives and experiences

Application requirements

As part of the MBA Match application, you will need to submit:

  • Copies of all post-secondary transcripts
  • GMAT and/or GRE test scores
  • Resume of work experience
  • Two recommendations
  • MBA program rankings list

Application supplements

After submitting the MBA Match application, you must submit application supplements to each graduate school partner you rank. Please review the application supplements for each school:

Qualifications include:

  • QuestBridge Alum (a National College Match Finalist who graduated from a QuestBridge college partner)
  • Several years of professional work experience
  • Strong academic profile
  • GMAT or GRE score from a test taken prior to the application deadline

How it works


Apply to the MBA Match

Submit a free MBA Match application, including transcripts, GMAT and/or GRE test scores, a resume, and two recommendations. Use our application resources to submit the best application possible.


Rank graduate school partners

Rank schools in order of preference to be considered for admission and a full-tuition scholarship. Since the MBA Match is non-binding, rank any school you’re interested in to maximize your options.


Submit supplements & interview

Submit all the application supplements directly to each school you ranked by their individual deadlines. After your supplements are submitted, the school may contact you to schedule an interview.


Review admission options & enroll

Applicants who match are admitted with a full-tuition scholarship. Whether or not you match, you will also receive Round 1 decisions from all the schools you ranked.


Late spring

  • Graduate School Match: MBA application opens.

Late August

  • Graduate School Match: MBA application is due, including all application components and rankings list. 


  • QuestBridge sends the Graduate School Match applications to the schools the alum ranked. Supplemental materials are due to all schools the applicant ranked. 

Early December

  • Match Day! Applicants who match are admitted with a full-tuition scholarship to the school highest on their rankings list that also wanted to match with them. Admission through the Graduate School Match is not binding.

Post-Match Day

  • All applicants will receive Round 1 application decisions based on schools’ individual timelines from all schools they ranked and submitted the supplemental materials to, regardless of their Match outcome. Match offers are non-binding.
  • Applicants will be able to review their admission outcomes, financial aid opportunities, and next steps from the graduate school partners they ranked.


  • Applicants who enroll in a full-time MBA program through the Match or other paths join the incoming class of QuestBridge Alumni who were admitted through the Graduate School Match.

Graduate School Match: MBA

Reach higher on your path to success with full-tuition scholarships to top MBA programs – exclusively for QuestBridge Alumni.