Grinnell College


Grinnell College is a liberal arts college located an hour drive from Des Moines and Iowa City, known for its rigorous academics and strong social activism.  Grinnellians can choose from 27 majors and 11 concentrations.  At the center of the college is its Individually Advised Curriculum, which allows you to design your own unique set of courses under the guidance of a faculty adviser, who also acts as your academic adviser.  Approximately 50% of students work on research projects under a professor’s guidance, and these projects are available in every academic department.

Student life at Grinnell is close-knit, exceptionally rich, and accessible to all.  The majority of students live on campus; there are more than 200 student organizations and over 500 free events that take place on campus each year!  Grinnell's many activities appeal to everyone from musicians to environmentalists to athletes. The college offers 20 intercollegiate sports, with one third of the student population playing a varsity sport.

Did you know that more than half of Grinnellians spend at least one semester studying away from campus?  Grinnell has students on all continents except Antarctica! 

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