Grinnell College

National College Match Scholarship Package

These numbers are based on costs for the 2018-2019 school year. Amounts will change slightly from year to year, but as the cost of college increases, the scholarship packages will correspondingly increase.

Annual Cost of Attendance



Room & Board


Books & Supplies






Health Insurance

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Required Fees




How Costs Are Covered (annually)



Student Employment


Student Summer Work Contribution


Parent Contribution


Student Savings


Student Loan




Policy Regarding Outside Funding
Funding awarded from outside sources will reduce student work expectations. Depending on the amount of the outside award, the Grinnell QuestBridge Scholarship may be reduced. In addition, total grant/scholarship assistance from all sources can never exceed the College's total published cost of attendance. 

Policy on Travel Allowance, Books, and Personal Expenses
The grant from Grinnell will be increased by the estimated cost of travel based on the student’s permanent home address. However, students are expected to pay for travel to and from campus as part of their contribution from summer work and/or academic year earnings. Students should also be prepared to pay for books and personal expenses from summer earnings and academic year earnings.

Policy on Health Insurance
Grinnell College requires all students to be covered by a health insurance policy. If a student is not covered by a health insurance plan, then s/he is required to participate in the College's health insurance program; a loan is available to cover participation fees: $1,687 for 2018-19.

Requirements Associated with Maintaining this Award
Students must remain in good standing for each term they are enrolled. There is no specific GPA required to maintain the QuestBridge Scholarship, other than the minimum to remain in good standing.

Other Details

  • Maximum timeframe for receipt of scholarship is eight semesters.

  • Need-based student loans are available if students wish to borrow to replace the summer work and/or the Campus Employment expectations.

  • The summer earnings expectation for all students (first - fourth years) is $2,500 annually.

  • The Student Savings contribution is calculated based on the student's assets.