Pomona College

QuestBridge Scholars Network at Pomona

The Pomona College QSN Chapter, known on campus as FLI Scholars, provides a welcoming and supportive community for its members. QuestBridge Scholars can engage in chapter activities, apply for leadership positions, and participate in opportunities offered nationwide through QuestBridge, including access to QuestBridge Alumni Association resources.

Founded in 2005, the Pomona QSN Chapter is one of the largest and most diverse student groups on campus and strives to be a safe space for low-income and first-generation students. Dedicated to advocacy and student involvement, the chapter hosts academic and social events and offers resources through connections with other on-campus organizations.

In past years, the Pomona QSN Chapter has hosted visiting students during “Fall Weekend” programs, in which Pomona helps underrepresented students to visit the campus. Additionally, the chapter has offered a mentorship program and various social events, like Questgiving (Thanksgiving celebration), Quest Gala, and Money Matters Week.

Outside of group activities, there are always opportunities for underclassmen to get involved in chapter leadership and initiatives. Each year, newly appointed chapter leaders and Executive Board members work together to plan new programming to ensure chapter members feel welcomed and engaged.