Pomona College

QuestBridge Scholars Network at Pomona

Welcome to Pomona College's QSN Chapter Page! Our QSN Chapter at Pomona College (you might also see us call ourselves FLI Scholars) is a large community that prides itself in its constant advocacy, working to create more safe spaces for students like you.

As an officially recognized student organization on campus with over 200 active members, our chapter encourages student involvement across all class years and identities. We currently operate under 4 different commitees: Special Events, Academic and Professional Events, Community Building, and Money Matters. While all of our commitees are commited to hosting fun events where students can either go off-campus, learn a new skill, or support campus-wide dialogue about issues of class; our committees also make sure to co-host events with offices and other student organizations such as our Career Devlopment Office and Office of Study Abroad. This is something that has helped us remain well-connected on campus, get to know staff and ensure offices are continuously providing services to help QuestBridge Scholars thrive at Pomona and beyond college. For example, our chapter has a great relationship with our admissions office, and we help to host visiting students during Fall Weekend programs when Pomona helps underrepresented prospective students visit our campus. After College Match decisions come out each year, we call all the students matched to Pomona to welcome them to our Sagehen family (the Sagehen is our mascot!) and answer any questions they or their parents have. Because Quest has existed at Pomona for 10 years, we are beginning to create our own alumni network and host events with Quest alums to talk about life beyond college and the experience of low-income, first-generation Pomona grads at medical and graduate schools.

One of the strongest aspects of our chapter is our mentoring program where new Quest students fills out a mentor program application and are matched to a group of about 10 first-years and two student mentors. These groups often meet for meals, go off-campus to cities like Los Angeles on fully subsidized trips, and become lifelong friends.

All in all, our chapter is most clealy marked by our array of regular social events, valued traditions (Questgiving, Quest Gala, Money Matters Week, etc.) and constant student advocacy in orrder to ensure that your transition into Pomona is a smooth one. We are more than excited to welcome you as a new Questbridge Scholar and Sagehen to our community! Please do not hesistate to email our President with any questions that you may have.