Tufts University


National College Match Scholarship Package

These numbers are based on costs for the 2017-2018 school year.  Amounts will change slightly from year to year, but as the cost of college increases, the scholarship packages will correspondingly increase.

Annual Cost of Attendance



Room & Board


Books & Supplies


Travel *




Health Insurance **


Required Fees




How Costs Are Covered (annually)



Federal Work-Study


Student Summer Work Contribution


Parent Contribution


Student Savings


Student Loan




Policy Regarding Outside Scholarships
Outside scholarships up to $2,000 reduce the work-study award.  Any outside scholarship amount in excess of $2,000 will reduce the Tufts Grant by a corresponding amount. 

** Policy on Health Insurance
Tufts requires all students to have health insurance. Students can waive the College Health Plan if covered by a family member or another plan.  For financial aid students not covered by an outside plan, Tufts will cover the cost of health insurance.

* Policy on Travel Allowance
The travel allowance is variable, based on the distance of the student's home address from Massachusetts.

Requirements Associated with Maintaining this Award
Students are eligible for 8 semesters of aid as long as they maintain good academic standing.

Other Details
Students may choose to replace their work-study eligibility with a loan.

Students use campus and summer job earnings to pay for books and supplies, travel, and personal expenses.

Student Summer Work Contribution and Work-Study expectation will increase for the student's upper-class years. If a student's income is more than $12,000 in one calendar year, there may be a greater impact on financial aid eligibility.