University of Southern California

QuestBridge Scholars Network at USC

Welcome to the Trojan Family! Here at USC, we pride ourselves on being a family, and this is certainly reflected in our QSN Chapter. Many QuestBridge Scholars build close friendships and our chapter meets nearly every other week to socialize and strengthen these connections. The sense of community on our campus is remarkable. As an officially recognized student organization at USC, the QuestBridge Scholars Network works to provide academic, professional and social opportunities for its members.

Our faculty mentor is Dr. George Sanchez, Vice Dean for Diversity at USC, who happens to be a first generation college student and an exemplary role model for our chapter. Additionally, we have made connections with the offices of Career Services and Financial Aid in order to host helpful events and workshops for our QuestBridge Scholars. In the past, we have collaborated with other student organizations, such as the Norman Topping Scholars, and local volunteer organizations, such as Community Services Unlimited, to provide our members with the opportunity to engage in and support the communities around them. The opportunities you gain as a QuestBridge Scholar at USC are truly manifold.

From eating together to studying together, it is clear from day one of the school year that we truly are a family. At the beginning of each year, we host a huge welcome back event to introduce our freshmen to the rest of the QuestBridge family at USC. We also assign all incoming freshmen to their very own mentoring family where they can gain support. As part of another annual tradition, during every midterm and finals season, we meet up to eat not-so-healthy snacks while studying. However, our most memorable events would have to include going to catch a free USC volleyball game, sharing milkshakes at a student-run Open Mic night, and creating care packages for friends. While our chapter’s biggest focus right now is socialization, we regularly strive to grow as community leaders by having events such as a volunteer day and a resume workshop. We’d love to have you join us.