University of Southern California

Los Angeles, CA

National College Match Scholarship Package

These numbers reflect estimated student expenses for the 2023-2024 school year. Amounts will change slightly from year to year, but as the cost of college increases, the scholarship packages will correspondingly increase. Your official financial aid award will be included in a letter directly from USC.

Annual Cost



Housing & Food


Books & Supplies






Required Fees




USC University Grant


Federal Work-Study


Student Summer Work Contribution


Parent Contribution


Student Loan




Policy on Outside Funding

When possible, USC allows outside funding for QuestBridge Scholars to replace the student contribution, rather than the USC grant aid, in a financial aid award. Funding in excess of the student contribution will reduce the USC grant aid that would otherwise be provided. In some cases, it may be necessary to reduce work study first, then the USC grant aid in a financial aid award. 

Policy on Health Insurance

USC requires all students to have health insurance, either through a parent or another plan. If a student is not covered by an existing plan, the USC grant aid will be increased to pay for the USC Student Health Insurance.

Policy on Student Contribution

Students may replace the student income/summer work contribution with loans.

Requirements Associated with Maintaining this Award

The QuestBridge award is only available for eight undergraduate semesters. Students will lose eligibility for this award at the ninth semester of undergraduate enrollment. If a QuestBridge Scholar continues their attendance at USC past their nine semesters of eligibility, they will be able to apply for regular need-based financial aid. Students must maintain a greater than 2.0 GPA to maintain eligibility.

Other Details
Students will also be required to submit a FAFSA as soon as possible, or no later than February 11, 2024, to determine their eligibility for federal aid. California Residents will be required to apply for a Cal Grant by submitting a GPA Verification Form to CSAC by March 2, 2024. AB-540-Eligible California Residents must complete the online California Dream Act Application by March 2, 2024. Visit the California Student Aid Commission website for the application. 

University of Southern California’s Financial Aid Overview 

USC guarantees to meet 100% of demonstrated need of all admitted students, regardless of their financial background. While students and their parents are expected to contribute to the cost of their education, USC is dedicated to helping them make up the difference, and in awarding financial aid, will consider factors such as family income, family size, number of siblings in college and other special circumstances.

USC is looking for the most academically promising students including those with financial disadvantages, and expects that many QuestBridge applicants will qualify for exceptional financial aid through the student's four years at USC.