Wellesley College


Wellesley, one of the most diverse colleges in the United States, is a liberal arts women’s college located 12 miles outside of Boston. A Wellesley education is rooted in the founding radical idea that women’s education is a force for progress and change. Today, Wellesley continues to expand the understanding of what women can and will do.

Students can select from 1,000+ classes in over 50 departments, majors, and programs of study ranging from Architecture to Astronomy to Middle Eastern Studies to Neuroscience. First-year students enroll in writing seminars designed exclusively to help ease the transition from high school to college and to learn and discuss various subject areas in more depth. Wellesley’s first-semester shadow grading policy (meaning all courses are graded Pass/Fail!) provides first-year students the space and support to transition to a residential college experience and to explore new intellectual opportunities. Further explore your academic interests through Wellesley’s study abroad programs, or choose to supplement your education with internships and community service projects locally or abroad. Outside of the classroom, Wellesley students take advantage of the 180+ existing student-run organizations and are encouraged to lead and create new organizations. Hundreds of events (on-campus concerts, trips into Boston and Cambridge, specialized lectures, and more!) held each school year help students find community and joy throughout their time at Wellesley.

Did you know that Flower Sunday is the oldest and longest-surviving Wellesley tradition? Held annually in September, Flower Sunday is a day of siblinghood and celebration, featuring a multicultural and multi-faith day of activity filled with song, music, and dance. Famous Wellesley alumnae include: Hillary Clinton ’69, 2016 Presidential Candidate and former U.S. Secretary of State; Callie Crossley '73 broadcast journalist and Academy Award-nominated producer for the documentary Eyes on the Prize; Liz Miranda ‘98, Massachusetts State Representative (D); Malinda Lo ‘96, author of National Book Award winner Last Night at the Telegraph Club; Vicky Tsai ‘00, Founder of Tatcha; Anna Rios ‘01, Head of Consumer Insights for Latin America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand for Amazon Studios; and Pamela Melroy '83, retired Air Force Officer and former NASA astronaut.

Fun Fact: Students have cheered on Boston Marathon competitors since the first race in 1897, but the Scream Tunnel is a slightly newer Marathon Monday tradition—positioned at the midpoint of the marathon, Wellesley students motivate runners with shouts of encouragement, high fives, hugs, and personalized signs, providing a thrilling boost of energy for the miles ahead.

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