Graduate School Match


The 2023 Graduate School Match: MBA application closed on August 31, 2023. View all dates and deadlines >>


The Graduate School Match: MBA

The Graduate School Match: MBA is an opportunity for QuestBridge Alumni to apply for admission and full-tuition scholarships to full-time, two-year MBA programs at our graduate school partners with all application fees waived. QuestBridge Alumni are uniquely positioned to be thoughtful and broad-minded leaders, and the Graduate School Match: MBA aims to help you reach higher on your path to success.

We believe that the CEOs, entrepreneurs, and leaders of the future should represent diverse perspectives from every economic segment of society, including QuestBridge Alumni. Obtaining an MBA can give you a distinct advantage in attaining these positions, but we know that many financial and social barriers still exist. Earning an MBA degree presents the opportunity for career advancement into leadership positions, salary increases, and access to a wide network of professional connections.

Why apply to MBA programs through QuestBridge?

  • Receive a full-tuition scholarship to a top MBA program worth over $120,000 over two years

  • Have your application fees waived to graduate school partners, saving over $1,000

  • Highlight your unique story and aspirations through a QuestBridge application designed to help you stand out

  • MBA Match admission offers are released on December 1 and are non-binding

  • Applicants who do not match are still considered for Round 1 admission at all the programs they ranked


Graduate School Match Timeline




Late Spring

Graduate School Match: MBA application opens.

Eligible QuestBridge Alumni

August 31

Graduate School Match: MBA application is due, including all application components.

QuestBridge will review applications and select candidates to move forward.

Eligible QuestBridge Alumni

August 31

Submit the MBA ranking list with your application.

All applicants

Early -Late September

Application supplements are due to all schools the applicant ranked. 

All applicants

Mid September

QuestBridge notifies applicants of their application status.

All applicants

December 1

Match Day! Applicants who match are admitted with a full-tuition scholarship to the school highest on their rankings list that also wanted to match with them. Admission through the Graduate School Match is not binding.

Selected applicants

Post December 1

Applicants will receive Round 1 application decisions based on schools’ individual timelines from all schools they ranked and submitted the supplemental requirements to, even if offered a Match on December 1. (Match offers are non-binding.)

Applicants will be able to review their admission outcomes, financial aid opportunities, and next steps from the graduate school partners they ranked.

Selected applicants


Applicants who enroll in a full-time MBA program through the Match or other paths join the incoming class of QuestBridge Alumni who were admitted through the Graduate School Match. Selected applicants