Ranking Colleges

What does it mean to rank colleges for the National College Match?

Being able to rank colleges is what makes the National College Match so unique. By ranking colleges, you could be “matched”— or admitted early with a guaranteed full four-year College Match Scholarship — to the college that appears highest on your list that also wants to match with you. 

You can rank up to 12 colleges in order of preference. We encourage you to research all of our college partners by using our Research Worksheet. In previous years, students who ranked more colleges had a higher chance of matching, however you must be absolutely certain you would attend every college that appears on your list.

You should know:

  • You can be matched to only ONE school.
  • You are committed to attending your match school the following fall. Admission through ranking colleges for the National College Match is binding*.
  • If matched, you will receive a full four-year scholarship. So you can be confident that you can afford to attend a great college!
  • You have the option not to rank colleges, but then you will not be considered for the College Match Scholarship and you may only benefit from applying through QuestBridge Regular Decision.

* MIT, Princeton, Stanford, and Yale do not require students admitted through the match to commit to attending their institutions.


Timeline for Ranking Colleges


What to Complete


October 11

National College Match Rankings Form

Located on your Manage page beginning September 28.


Match Agreement Form

After submitting your Rankings Form, you will be able to access your Match Agreement Form in the upper right-hand corner of your Manage page. This form must be signed by you, a guardian, and a school counselor and uploaded to your Manage page.

All Applicants

October 18

Finalist Notification

Visit your Manage page to see if you were selected as a Finalist.

All Applicants

November 1

College Match Requirements

The colleges you ranked must receive all of your College Match Requirements by this date for your application to be considered complete. Visit each college partner’s webpage and click on the Application Requirements tab for more information.

Finalists Who Ranked Colleges

December 3

Match Day

Visit your Manage page to find out if you were matched.

Finalists Who Ranked Colleges