QuestBridge Regular Decision

QuestBridge Regular Decision offers Finalists the unique opportunity to apply to any of our college partners with no application fees. Last year, more than 1,750 Finalists were admitted to a college partner through QuestBridge Regular Decision — the majority of QuestBridge Scholars gain admission through this process!

How it works

  • If you are selected as a Finalist, you can apply through QuestBridge Regular Decision in the event that you are not matched, or chose not to rank colleges.
  • Finalists can begin selecting colleges to apply to through the QuestBridge Regular Decision Form in mid-November (before Match notification), and complete their applications by the colleges' Regular Decision deadlines.
  • You would be reviewed for admission during the colleges' normal Regular Decision timeline and receive your decision in the spring.

What can you get from applying through QuestBridge Regular Decision?

If you are selected as a Finalist, you can take advantage of these unique opportunities:

  • Apply to any of our 39 college partners with no application fees.
  • Get a second chance for admission at colleges you ranked, and add additional schools that interest you.
  • Stand out as a QuestBridge Finalist, a distinction that advantageously identifies you as a high-achieving student from a low-income background.
  • Receive a very generous financial aid package that will meet 100% of your demonstrated financial need.
  • Join the QuestBridge Scholars Network —Finalists who enroll in a college partner are a part of this active community dedicated to scholarship, leadership, and service.
QuestBridge Regular Decision Timeline


What to complete


October 19

Finalist Notification: Log in to see if you were selected as a Finalist.

All applicants

November 6 - December 11

QuestBridge Regular Decision Form is open: Select which colleges you intend to apply to through Regular Decision.

Finalists (College Matches, notified on December 1st, should withdraw from Regular Decision.)

January (various deadlines)

Submit additional Regular Decision Requirements to each of the colleges by the colleges' Regular Decision deadlines.



Receive admissions and financial aid decisions from colleges.


Please note: Because all our college partners have extremely competitive admissions processes, Finalists should also apply to a range of target and likely non-QuestBridge colleges where you are confident you can be admitted.

QuestBridge Regular Decision Requirements for Finalists

Submission of the QuestBridge Regular Decision Form in December does not complete your applications; you must submit additional Regular Decision Requirements directly to the colleges. Visit each college partner page to view more “Application Requirements,” and scroll down to the Regular Decision Requirements.

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